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Custom Accessories with Personalized Logo for your Company

Accessories are no longer just add-ons to an entire outfit ensemble; these are part and parcel of it. Whenever one imagines a complete get-up, what comes to mind, aside from coats or outerwear and innerwear, are also pieces of jewelry, hats, scarves or shawls, and bags, among many other kinds of accessories. Some even say that it is the bag that completes an outfit. 

Businesses like giving away accessories that carry their brand image and name. Accessories seem like a smart, practical and convenient choice when thinking about quick giveaways. They come in handy because of their size and their usability. Craft Clothing carries umbrellas, hang tags, patches, bags, caps, and embroidered patches for your needs. These accessories are highly advantageous choices because they are compact and easy to carry around, and your brand can gain greater visibility in all the places where the owners of customized accessories may take them.

Among the most popular accessories that customers request from us are the umbrellas. Various accounts of history reveal that the first umbrella was made over 4,000 years ago. Umbrellas have been seen in ancient records, artworks, artifacts, and literature in places like Greece, Egypt, and China. These were designed originally to shield people against the sun. But now it’s used to protect people from the rain and strong winds as well.

The word “umbrella” comes from the Latin umbella, which refers to a flower with a flat top. However, our umbrellas are dome-shaped and wide enough to comfortably protect two persons. More than that, these are highly durable yet light and very easy to carry around. Our J-handle umbrellas are made of thick nylon and polyester, synthetic fabrics are known for their durability, weather resistance, and lightness. These fabrics are often used in outdoor or sports apparel precisely because of those qualities.

If you already have a giveaway, why not further customize them with personalized hang tags? We can mass produce hang tags made with high-grade paper. These can be cute and witty and bear the names of your workers or the intended recipients of the gifts.

It’s also a-okay if you have your own shirts, caps, and other clothing pieces already. We can put your brand name on all of these! Craft Clothing’s adept artisans can design and produce neatly made patches and that you can sew onto your pieces. 

So if you’re looking for something handier than t-shirts, jackets, and other types of clothing, you have come to the right place. We at Craft Clothing are more than just clothing. Choose from among masterfully handcrafted umbrellas, hang tags, patches, and other accessories. These are not just pretty, but also pretty practical. And as in all the other products we offer, we can make adjustments to these products in accordance with your specifications.

Start customizing your giveaways with us. Click the accessory you want and go over the product description. Afterward, feel free to request a quote with a free mock-up or prototype.