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Custom Varsity Jackets with Personalized Logo for your Company

Varsity jackets are among the youth’s favorite apparel, especially with its young, fun, cool vibe. Popular mainly in academia and the street scene, varsity jackets are easy, go-to pieces that anyone can easily pull off.

Little details like its button-down fastenings, knitted collars and hems give off an effortless quality while still looking smart. But there’s more to this jacket’s history than what many think.

Also known to be the “letterman jacket,” varsity jackets were originally associated with Ivy Leaguers in America. It used to be a thick-knit sweater sported by baseball athletes of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They sew big “H”s on their sweaters which had been a symbol of pride for the better athletes. If you’re one who mostly sat around in a season, you’re forced to return the jacket after. Even the patch of the school’s initial eventually became a badge of merit, making these lettered jackets all the more desirable.

It evolved into a wool body with leather sleeves to address the athletes’ need for a sturdier material. Later on, the letter had been moved around for better placement, the font style changed, slowly altering its design to what we commonly see nowadays with the letters on the side.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” added to the varsity jackets’ appeal in the pop culture scene, while continued to be embraced by other sports.

With its great following, these jackets had inevitably reached the masses and became a well-loved streetwear piece. Thanks to big designers and brands who had different takes in the highly-coveted letterman jacket, from a position of elitism, this great piece has become more accessible to everyone.

Without taking from the varsity jacket’s meaningful history, Craft Clothing retains the esteemed image of varsity jackets by integrating your brand’s style.

We incorporate modern technology in our production to give our customers only the best pieces at a great value.

Let us know which one below best matches your style and we’ll take care of the details. Get a quote and request a free mock-up today.