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  • Step 3. Customize with your logo

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Showing 1-12 of 23 Results
Showing 1-12 of 23 Results

Custom Polo Jacks with Personalized Logo for your Company

It is often said that polo jacks are stylized polo shirts. If you like your polos on the more formal and on the sleeker end, then the polo jack is your friend. 

Our polo jacks are made of high-grade soft cotton weave, linen, and wool with a mix of natural and synthetic fibers to ensure comfort even while the body is constantly moving. These have a generous portion of polyester, a form of synthetic fiber known for its durability. It is, therefore, no wonder that polo jacks are favored as uniforms of pilots, law enforcement officers and equestrians, polo jacks will never go out in fashion in the working world. Most people would associate the polo jack with a traffic enforcer, but we know workers in other fields perform their duties while wearing polo jacks as well. Polo jacks are also often worn by high-profile race car drivers.

These come in various styles and can be further customized according to your specifications. Your polo jack of choice from our collection can be clean or plain white, checkered, lined, and have a colored collar, among many others. Polo jacks are buttoned, making these easy to put on and remove. 

Browse the entire collection to check out the different forms the custom polo jacks may take. And if you want to further make alterations to the existing styles, including adding print and embroidery, Craft Clothing’s master artisans will gladly bring your vision to life.

Get polo jacks for your frontline employees. Click the type of polo shirt that interests you to read the product description and request a quote with a free mock-up or prototype.