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Custom Caps with Personalized Logo for your Company

Caps have always had multiple uses— as an accessory that will make one stand out, as protection from the sunny and rainy weather, or as a way to stay low-key. Caps are usually fantastic corporate giveaways because these are handy, easy to produce, easy to customize and personalize, and can spice up or add life to a get-up and even a company uniform. Almost every person owns at least one, or if not, would no doubt be happy to receive a free one. This makes it wise to choose caps as giveaways that can give your brand wider exposure as well as establish rapport with the ones who receive and eventually wear the caps.

“Caps” and “hats” tend to be interchangeable. Is there really a difference? There is, but a minor one. A hat is considered as any kind of covering for the head. A cap is thus a type of hat. Whereas a hat can be big or wide enough so as to also cover a person’s shoulders, a cap is usually distinctly small and can cover only the head of the person wearing it.

Caps have been in existence for a very long time. This is proven by its presence in Greek art and history. The pileus is depicted as wearing a skull camp. In both ancient Greece and Rome, apparently, a Phyrigian Cap was given as a symbol of freedom for slaves that had finally been given their independence. This symbolism made its way well into the future. During the French revolution, the peasants wore what had been called Liberty Caps, which were inspired by the Phyrigian Caps of the olden days.

The skull cap used to be the most popular kind of cap. It is a very small cap made of will and typically tightly fitted around the head. When the 17th century came, another kind of cap, which is the capotain, became well-known. The capotain is bigger than the skull cap and is often depicted with a belt-like leather material complete with buckle around its circumference. Fast forward to the present, it seems that caps can come in whatever shape, size or color. You can clearly see this in the wide variety of caps Craft Clothing offers. We have the Sandwich Cap, Trim Cap, Brushed Cap, Cotton Twill Cap, Super Visor Cap, Jockey Cap, Mesh Cap, Mesh Net Cap, Trucker Mesh Net Cap, and Casual Baseball Cap. So if you’re looking for a cap that you can customize to fit your brand identity or occasion for which you want to have the caps produced, there are plenty of options to choose from, and we will help you select the best one. The caps are further customizable.

Let’s get down to business and start producing caps for your employees, your team, your clients, or even your family. Scroll down and find your preferred cap style and read the product description. Feel free to request a quote and a free mock-up or prototype right away.