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Named after the letter “T” whose figure it resembles, the t-shirt is the most ubiquitous piece of clothing today. It is worn by people from all classes and walks of life. You can easily purchase one in a downtown or street bazaar as well as spot one from the sprawls of luxury shops all across Europe. There is also no one-size-fits-all way of wearing a t-shirt. The fascinating thing about it is it can be worn in and out of the home and in formal and informal settings. You can wear a t-shirt to a party or when you’re just at home binge-watching your favorite shows. T-shirts can last for years, especially if the material is highly durable, just like what we use. Additionally, these are easy to clean and wash, making these perfect for on-the-go and wash-and-wear types of people.

T-shirts were first used in the 1920s as undergarments. In the United States of America, miners, stevedores, and other laborers who worked in scorching environments back then would typically wear a Union Suit, full-body wear. It was split into upper and lower body pieces, and the upper body pieces eventually came to be known as “t-shirts.”

Most t-shirts have a round neckline (crewnecks) or a v-shaped neckline. The latter was introduced so that the neckline would not show if the t-shirt would be used as an undergarment, which happened when t-shirts with a round neckline were used instead.

The earliest buttonless t-shirts were seen during the 1898 Spanish-American War and its aftermath in 1913. The U.S. Navy gave these to the soldiers as undergarments. These were short-sleeved crewnecks made with white cotton. Whenever sailors and the marines did dirty work, they would remove their outer garments and allow only their t-shirts to be soiled. Indeed, the t-shirts were practical. These proved to be affordable, washable, and sturdy. Many workers in other industries, such as agriculture and factory work, started wearing a t-shirt to work. Soon enough, t-shirts became extremely popular and began to be used as a primary piece of clothing that can stand on its own. By this time, the material used to create t-shirts was thicker. Around the 1950s, actor Marlon Brando popularized the t-shirt even more by wearing it in the classic film A Streetcar Named Desire.

To this day, t-shirts are still very popular for the same reasons- access, wearability, price point, and durability. We bet you have a lot in your closet and have given just as many as company giveaways.

Order high quality customized t-shirts for the members of the year team now. We only use premium material and pair it with uncompromising craftsmanship to enhance the benefits of owning and wearing a t-shirt.

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